Welcome to Ghosts of the Valley. This site is dedicated to paranormal research exploring destinations in Ohio and beyond. Inside you will find an extensive archive of photos, videos, evps, and stories to go along with our adventures into the unknown. This is a non-profit site dedicated to sharing my attempt at providing some proof of the existence of ghosts. I go over all evidence very thoroughly, and rule out any and all natural explanations before making any claims of the paranormal. My site is very different, I do NOT repeat urban legends. I've been around a long time, and I'm tired of seeing the same story copy and pasted onto another site over and over. I give you my real first hand accounts of what I see and hear when I'm at a haunted site. 

 Updates: Ok I'm still here honest I've just been taking a break after dealing with some health issues. I'm feeling good enough now to do  my best to keep this site going, but now more than ever I could use some help! So if you want to go ghost hunting get a hold of me and I will put you on my email list. So bring on the dam warm weather, I want to get some ghost hunting in! I'm going to be doing more bigfoot hunting this year, and most of my equipment budget will be spent on new cameras that can be deployed in the woods. I also have an idea to build a bigfoot hunting robot with long range capabilities and video in the near future. Expect lots more of my home made equipment projects since I'm starting to really get the hang of making stuff that works better than anything store bought.

Disclaimer: No one photo, or person will ever prove ghosts beyond any shadow of doubt to the skeptics. I present the following for your consideration, and do not claim everything included is a ghost. Only that the answers to what they are has not been discovered yet, and I am out there looking for the truth what ever that truth might be. Only by working together, sharing, and conducting serious research will we ever find the answers. I can not prove ghosts are real, and you can't convince me they aren't. I love to share my adventures, and interesting things I have seen and captured over the years regardless.


Children's Mental Hospital

Tinker's Cemetery

Gore Orphanage

Hemlock Road

Top of the World Metro Park

Redlock, Part of the Canal System

Lost RT. 224 Cemetery

Station Rd. Bridge

Sprucevale Ghost Town

Moundsville Prison

Kirtland, One Spooky Little Town

M.S. Cemetery

Moonville Ghost Town

My Old House

House of Wills Funeral Home

Anna Dean Farm

Black Cross Burial Site

McConnells Mill

Prospect Place

Misc. Places


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Born February 2003, resurrected August 2011 after a hiatus. To date over 14000 have been abducted by aliens because they visited my site, just kidding. 


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